Therapy for
individuals, Couples & FAMILIES

As you probably have already encountered; life can be hard and problems complex. Maybe that’s why you’ve stopped by to review this website and even if not, I’m glad you’re here. Our concerns are often multi-layered and historical, and this is why I work with individuals and couples in a longer-term relational approach. Investigating problems from this lens allows us to take the time to explore how your earliest beginnings influence you later in life. 

As a therapist and a parent of a child who is autistic, I particularly want to offer support to other parents, family members, siblings who also have a member of their family or extended family on the autism spectrum. Parents of children with ASD must be resilient because family life can become challenging as the day – to – day and longer-term problems become more complex.

Dr. Darrell Fox
PhD, Social Work, MSW, BSW & RSW

After 25 years as a counsellor, social worker and academic, I believe that human resiliency is as strong as ever and given the right support, optimistic changes can occur. Let’s have an initial chat and see if I’m a good fit to work with you.


The foundation of the therapy I use is relational. It’s important to build trust in order to explore intricate historical issues.
A commitment to longer term work with me is the best way to see positive transformation.
Please review the consent document for information about fees, cancellations, confidentiality, or any other questions.