Confidential. Long-term. In-depth.
These are the words I use to describe how I work with you either as an individual or as part of a couple.
This approach allows for a better understanding of personal histories that are often the foundation of the difficulties you’re experiencing.



Therapy for Individuals

Therapy is sought because there’s a sense that something is missing, wrong or just not satisfactory. It could be in your personal life, work situation, family or maybe a combination of these elements. Short term solutions are effective for short term problems, however if the issues are persistent and long standing then I believe you need a longer-term solution. That’s why a therapeutic approach that seeks to establish a trusting, secure and safe relationship is often the most effective way to address these concerns.

Our past is always in our present. In order to develop our future selves, it’s important to explore our earliest experiences and patterns of behaviour to understand how these influence our everyday relationships.

Therapy for Couples & FAMILIES

Our interactions with others are at times both rewarding and difficult. When relationships are going well it is often hard to imagine a time when our most intimate family relationships could be challenging and hurtful. However, these times do occur and while many issues can be resolved, over time the way a couple interacts with one another and family members can highlight a pattern of recurring difficulties. It’s at these times when working with a therapist can be beneficial in understanding the dynamics that are creating these troublesome issues.

I recognize there are many forms to people’s connections and I seek to understand (with all parties involved) how interactions, experiences and feelings influence the quality of their relationship. This can be especially the case when a disability designation of a child adds stress and anxiety to existing family dynamics. By exploring an individual’s historical experiences in relation to others (both partner or family) can highlight patterns of behaviour that can be modified to create a healthier interpersonal connection.