Dr. D. Fox

PhD, Social Work, MSW & BSW

Born in the UK, I studied Counselling at the Central School of London Counselling achieving a qualification in Counselling that allowed me to set up a practice in the UK. As a counsellor, I had my own private practice and worked for the charity Mind. This is where my connection to the psychoanalytic approach developed. Inspired by my counselling work I went on to receive my Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work from the University of East London. During my time as a Social Worker, my work spanned a range of service groups, from the elderly to assisting young offenders. My social work practice encouraged my curiosity regarding advocacy; the topic I explored to achieve my PhD in Social Work from the London Metropolitan University.


As a result of my experience as a Counsellor and Social Worker, I believe that human problems are complex because they are rooted in childhood experiences. Working with me means looking back at early life experiences and exploring the circumstances of certain events. It’s not a quick therapy intervention, it takes time.


As a parent of a child who is autistic, I would like to offer support to families that are challenged by the nuances of loving a family member on the autism spectrum. Parents and siblings can be so involved with assisting a child with a disability that they rarely have time to support themselves or each other. Issues of grief and loss, and the every day stress of coping is exhausting and as a result it can negatively impact personal relationships. Often there isn’t time to address these issues, which is why I want to offer parents, siblings, and family members the opportunity to talk to a therapist who has lived experience and understanding of some of those issues.


With dedication, patience and kindness, I help my clients to understand themselves in a deeper and more meaningful way. Helping them to become stronger in their family unit and beyond.